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Devnaut helps developers navigate the codebase

Devnaut helps software developers visualize their architecture and codebase, speed up learning and onboarding, and create deeper collaboration and awareness.

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How It Works

Devnaut is your AI Code Cartographer that connects to Github to automatically generate your architecture diagrams.

Our platform empowers users to easily create code navigation tutorials as part of our interactive & real‑time architecture diagrams. This offers a deeper understanding of the codebase, further empowering your team to deliver high‑quality results.

Devnaut's collaborative platform integrates KPIs, real‑time codebase visibility, and quality metrics. Quickly identify parts, optimize productivity, and drive success with enhanced visibility.

Visualize Architecture & Codebase

Quickly keep your architecture and codebase diagrams in sync with the current state of development allowing your diagrams and documentation to be fresh and relevant.

Accelerate Learning & Onboarding

Providing user training journeys to assist developers in onboarding. Enables developers to reduce time to productivity.

Deeper Team Awareness

Consolidate and display information relevant to the cross functional team in the context of your application architecture. Allows the team to get the big picture and see the status of what is actually being developed.

Plug directly into the existing applications developers use everyday

Devnaut gives users the tools to conceptualize their products and technologies by connecting components 
directly to resources like repositories, code directories, and data sources.

About Us

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Bob Donald • CTO


Bob is a successful software product and engineering leader. He held positions at various companies including Zebra Technologies, SAS Institute, Monster Worldwide, and Red Hat as well as several startups. Bob is also a published author and teaches graduate computer science courses at Boston University.

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